Tile+tec – The new design fair for tiles and technology

The Tile+tec trade fair will be held for the first time at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 19 to 22 June 2024. The fair provides offers around tiles, design and technology and takes place within the framework of the Stone+tec fair, which focuses on natural stone and stone technologies. The combination of the two trade fairs expands the range of products and creates new synergies for exhibitors and visitors. The organiser is the Nuremberg trade fair organiser AFAG.

Nuremberg – At Tile+tec, the focus is on tiles. Various materials are presented in their raw state and examples of design and application are presented. In addition, there is equipment, building materials and tools for processing as well as construction chemicals for tilers. Design and interior architecture play an important role at the new Tile+tec. Tile+tec is thus the new theme of Stone+tec Nürnberg and completes the range of the trade fair, which is now divided into the four areas: “Building with Natural Stone”, “Equipment for Professionals”, “Place of Remembrance” and “Design with Tiles”.
The managing directors of the trade fair organisers AFAG, Henning and Thilo Könicke, are expanding the portfolio with the new event: "The tile industry currently has no trade fair home in Germany. With Tile+tec there is finally a new platform that covers all areas of tile culture. As part of the Stone+tec trade fair for natural stone and stone technology the new Tile+tec trade fair has found a home that will also prepare the industry for the future. Many visitors to Stone+tec have expressed a wish for a broader range of products and new impulses, which the new Tile+tec will provide. New product areas will be positioned parallel to Stone+tec and attract further visitor target groups. Natural stone and ceramics are very different building materials and the manufacturers largely operate separately. However, there is a common audience as well as similar processing machines and procedures. Therefore, it only makes sense to place the new Tile+tec together with Stone+tec, which has already been established for many years, and thus create synergies for both sectors."

Visitors to the new Tile+tec can discover various tiles and design trends at the fair, find out about technical innovations and installation methods and receive care tips. In addition, they can make personal contact with manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers, processors and suppliers at the fair. Tile+tec is aimed at architects and planners, building contractors as well as tilers and other tradesmen.
On the supply side, the manufacturers of tiles and natural stone largely operate separately. In the area of processing, there are numerous overlaps in machines, tools, anchoring and construction chemicals. On the demand side, among builders, planners, architects and craftsmen, the customers for natural stone and for tiles are the same. This is because both materials have their own specifications, advantages and disadvantages, and the style or design of the building project also plays a role. Thus, in many building projects, there is often a mix of materials, especially in the floor area.

An accompanying range of seminars and workshops is planned for Tile+tec in order to deepen knowledge, provide information on the use of different products, promote exchange and communicate trends.

Tile+tec in combination with Stone+tec

The new design fair for tiles and technology Tile+tec takes place at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. Through the connection with Stone+tec, visitors have the opportunity to additionally inform themselves about natural stone as a building material. Stone+tec focuses on natural stone and offers a wide range of products and services for building with natural stone and the corresponding equipment with machines and tools. Another area of Stone+tec is dedicated to gravestones and memorial culture.

The combination of Tile+tec and Stone+tec is an ideal opportunity for tradesmen, but also for building contractors, builders, architects and planners to find a bundled range of products for the use of a wide variety of building materials in one place and to make contact with the right people. Michael Löffler is the project manager of the new Tile+tec and also looks after Stone+tec, which takes place at the same time: " Tile+tec is ideally placed within the framework of Stone+tec: Many building projects involve a mix of natural stone and tiles, so it is important for both the trade and the building industry to find relevant information, application examples and products for all building materials. The two complementary markets are now brought together in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg."

The first design fair for tiles and technology Tile+tec will be held at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 19 to 22 June 2024. Tile+tec takes place within the framework of Stone+tec Nürnberg