See you at Stone+tec 2018 in Nuremberg

13 - 16 June 2018

Stone+tec is the No. 1 gathering place for the industry. The international trade fair for natural stone and stone technology brings highlights from all over the world to Nuremberg. It offers an update for all those who work with stone.
Get to know the stonemasons and artists from the Stone+tec film – and meet thousands of other colleagues and experts at Stone+tec 2018.

“It is important for our company to keep our finger on the pulse and learn about the latest trends and materials. And this is something that Stone+tec does very well.”

Markus Steininger is the owner of Steininger Steinmetz in Munich and Master of the Stonemasons’ Guild. He employs around 20 people at his company.

"At no other stone trade fair do I find such a large range of gravestones and grave ornaments.”

Master stonemason Jonas Ochs joined with Tobias Breu to form their own company Breu & Ochs in 2014. They produce custom stonemasonry in Steinach in South Germany.

"Stone+tec is an important source of inspiration for me.”

Interior designer Gregor Baur works with natural stone. One of his many projects was the design of the interior of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich.

Gregor Baur

"I always enjoy going to Stone+tec because I meet a lot of old friends here!”

Stonemason and engraver Bernadette Gaa from Schondorf has specialised in the design of inscriptions and supports stonemasons with her expertise.

Bernadette Gaa

Visit Stone+tec, the international trade fair for natural stone and stone technology.

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Stone+tec 2018: 20th Anniversary

Stone+tec celebrates an anniversary

When Stone+tec opens its doors to an international audience of professionals from 13 – 16 June 2018, the internationally renowned trade fair for natural stone and stone technology will be celebrating its 20th anniversary at the exhibition venue in the south of Nuremberg. The event made its debut in 1979 under the title “Deutsche Naturwerksteintage” (German Natural Stone Meeting) with 89 exhibitors and 7,300 trade visitors. As the name says, at that time the focus was on local materials and the German market, and the exhibitors also came exclusively from Germany. Today, representatives of the craft of stonemasonry and associated sectors are the most important target group of Stone+tec. One of the main objectives of Stone+tec in 2018 will therefore be to offer a platform where participants can work in concert to bring the craft of stonemasonry and its material into the future, showcase opportunities and encourage knowledge-sharing among professional colleagues.

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